SO HAPPY to finally have my car back!! Thank you to Phil and his crew for making my car look beautiful and brand new! You guys are the best, and always a pleasure to work with. It is always a pleasure to deal with you, but an even bigger pleasure to be able to drive my sparkling car around again!


Special thanks to Phil and gang for getting the PT back on the road again…looks like a new car just off the lot. It’s the big things that people can see that make the difference, but the little things that make a world of difference too. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!


I LOVE the detail job that Aurora Collision Center did on my Jeep! I was lucky to win this contest and am thrilled not only with the detail but also the professionals who work at ACC! You are the BEST! Thank you very much!


I really like the redecoration of your space! Aurora Collision Center is a great place to work with and very trust worthy! I would recommend them to everyone!


ACC is the best body shop I have ever used. Phil is professional, honest & ethical, which is sometimes hard to find in a body shop. They will always go that extra mile to complete your job… Thanks Phil, Tammy & Crew.


I wanted to thank you for the great job done on the car. I worked with my budget, and my wife was even dazzled by the “artistic flair” of the problem correction and paint job. If I know anyone in need of some body work I will definitely send them in your direction!


Now that I have had my car back for a few days, I can’t tell you how happy I am with how it looks… inside and out. Honestly it hasn’t looked that good in years! The body work is impeccable. I know you did the detail inside and I could swear you did some things to the outside too. The interior detail is magnificent! If ever you need a reference…please give the folks my number.


I cannot thank you enough about all your help on fixing my Durango. I have never felt so welcomed by a business before. All of your help was truly appreciated. You made this difficult time as easy as possible for my family and I. I will never take my repair business anywhere else. You are all truly amazing! Thank you again.


I think ACC did an amazing job with my son’s Dodge Durango and I am telling everyone about you guys! I will be sending my truck in as soon as I can and want you all to know I am a HUGE advocate for your quality and professional service!


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the repair your shop did on my 2013 Ford F-150. The color match is great, and the repair itself was excellent. As I am a guy who has painted a few cars himself, it is hard to satisfy a painter, but I’m very satisfied with the work, and if I didn’t know the truck had been repaired, I couldn’t tell it from factory. Nice work